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Who We Are

Who we are

Our Philosophy

We believe that providing a supportive environment for you and your family away from the field enables you to focus on a strong and successful professional football career.

About us

Player PA is a player liaison and lifestyle management company for professional footballers and football organisations.

Our team has a strong sense of family. Sisters Sarah and Kate Winning established the business in 2009 and work side by side to support players and their families. Our strength lies not only in our experience in the professional football industry, but in our passion to help and care for our clients. Whether you are newly signed or a seasoned professional, we guide and support you to establish and maintain your lives outside of the game.

Sarah Winning

Sarah is the Director of Player PA, who has consolidated 20 years’ experience in the football industry to establish the business. Fully aware of the challenges of juggling a career with the demands of home life, Sarah uses her skills, networks and tenacity to navigate that path for her clients too. Sarah understands implicitly what is required by professional football players and their associated organisations, and is skilled in negotiating the best services and products for them. Sarah has a strong personal interest in property and has successfully guided her clients through the process of finding, securing and renovating their family homes. 

Kate Winning

As our Senior Account Manager, Kate provides both player support and bespoke membership services to our exclusive Player PA members. Kate brings integrity and industry experience to her role, ensuring that every task is undertaken with discretion, trust and care. Kate’s keen eye for detail and her strong creative flair makes her a natural organiser and event planner. Entrusted with celebrating the milestone events of her clients, Kate has managed the weddings and birthday parties of our clients in the UK and abroad. Kate’s life experiences have taught her to embrace every challenge and make each one a positive and rewarding adventure.

Alison Huffer

Alison is Financial Manager at Player PA, making sure that we fulfil our financial and legal obligations as a business. A vital member of the team, Alison ensures that we successfully manage our financial relationships with suppliers, clients and accountants. Alison’s extensive experience working in small and large enterprises over the past 25 years has ensured that our organisation has a dynamic attitude towards its financial sustainability and growth. 


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